Friday, April 1, 2011

Bawk Bawk

The big kids are home from school today…it’s a teacher workday.  It’s April Fools Day.   Not a holiday but a “workday”.


So it’s 8 am, Bubba and I are downstairs, he’s playing with his toys, pitching a fit because he wants to go wake them up……it is just making him madder and madder!  He keeps asking me to call them. “Momma call dem”.  “Momma go get dem”.  “I go get dem”.  “I go upstairs”.  Poor kid.

I am sitting here wanting to watch Grey’s Anatomy from last.  I’m too afraid to watch it.  Is that weird?  I know that it will be an emotional roller coaster ride with Callie, the baby, the car accident, McSteamy (aka Mark, hunkahunka)

I think I’m going to be mad..  I want Callie to have the baby!

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