Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Use-tas is dead

I’ve had a couple of folks say they are not sure how I get things done. 

Truth is, I don’t. 

I USE-TA but now, I don’t AND I don’t sweat it. I USE-TA worry about the house being spic and span all the time… Not so much.  On most days I’m “straight” as long as you don’t go in my bedroom and see the PILES of clean clothes that need to be put away.

I use-ta worry about making sure I helped and volunteered for everything.  Can’t do that so much anymore and I don’t feel horrible about it.  I’ve done my time on a lot of different fronts and it is time for some other folk to STEP UP….

I use-ta worry that we ate dinner at the same time, and while I like having dinner PLANNED – eat it when ya want to.  I’m not going to fall apart if it’s all at different times.


That’s what my Aunt Artie always says…

And now to my next point.  

I’ve told you about my friend Marybeth Mayhew, author extraordinaire.  She wrote that book that I told you about last summer, The Mailbox, well, her newest novel, She Makes it Look Easy, goes on sale today.  I am so very excited for her.  (And how cool is it that I can say “my friend is a writer!”) 

Here is a snippet about She Makes it Look Easy

Ariel Baxter has just moved into the neighborhood of her dreams. The chaos of domestic life and the loneliness of motherhood, however, moved with her. Then she meets her neighbor, Justine Miller. Justine ushers Ariel into a world of clutter-free houses, fresh-baked bread, homemade crafts, neighborhood playdates, and organization techniques designed to make marriage better and parenting manageable.

Soon Ariel realizes there is hope for peace, friendship, and clean kitchen counters. But when rumors start to circulate about Justine’s real home life, Ariel must choose whether to believe the best about the friend she admires or consider the possibility that “perfection” isn’t always what it seems to be.

A novel for every woman who has looked at another woman’s life and said, “I want what she has,” She Makes It Look Easy reminds us of the danger of pedestals and the beauty of authentic friendship.

I cannot wait to get my hands on it!  I LOVED The Mailbox!  It was so very cool because I knew reading it that the setting of the story was such a special place for Marybeth in real life.  And the song in the story (yes there was a song) is one of my FAVORITE songs and reminds me of summers with my cousin…..

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Paula said...

The Mailbox was awesome. I will have to go purchase the new novel.