Friday, August 5, 2011

Rainy day–what to do? what to do?


Bubba decided to crawl into his big brother’s bed for his nap…..funny thing was Pootie was sitting next to him on the PS3…which the babe tried to break yesterday by sticking 3 CD’s into the game slot…yeah, not a good idea.



Lola decided to bake a cake…she got the idea from an old cook book that was mine when I was little. Betty Crocker watch out.



(Yes, there is a stack of laundry on the kitchen table)


I used to love looking at this book.  Don’t remember EVER making anything out of it…but it had the best pictures and ideas.


Doesn’t that look fun?  I think she did a fabulous job, considering she is NOT a professional cake decorator – plus, you know that for photos in cookbooks they ALWAYS doctor things up with non food items.  Plus she added lettuce to her burger…..

Other than that – we’ve been torrential downpours for most of the day.  It’s been very dark, almost eerily so, all day too.

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LifeIsArt said...

O.M.G. I have that cookbook. HILARIOUS. And I don't think I ever made anything out of it either. But GO MN GO!!! Yum.