Saturday, July 23, 2011

I love old photos..

mom and dad

This is Mom and Daddy with me and our dog Patty, she was a Scottish Terrier.  Aren’t we all so young and cute?  

dad and etc

And here is Daddy (far right) with his older brother, Uncle Ervin and his  younger sister, Margaret (but we call Artie – not a clue HOW that name came up except that I guess my cousin, her niece HollyBeth couldn’t say Margaret – she’s the oldest so we can blame it all on her.)

family with poppa

And here is Dad, (far bottom right) with his Dad, My Poppa, GramMabel, Uncle Ervin and his wife, my Aunt Mary (tp right) and Aunt Artie.  My guess is that this is at one of the oh so exciting FAMILY REUNIONS….all I can say is Uncle Windell and Brunswick stew – oh and WHOOOOWHOOOOWHOOOOOO.

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