Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Bee

Been super busy.

Always am when school first starts.

Cause I volunteer to do, well, lots.

Currently this is my “resume” of things I’m doing…obviously these are not in the order of importance…..

1-PTA Community Coordinator at elementary school

2-PTSO Volunteer Coordinator at high school

3-PTO President Elect at middle school (means I’m president next school year)

4-Interim Athletic Boosters President at middle school (very benign position until we can get someone else to step up and in here soon)

5-Work part time for Kapital Accumulation Concepts (I’ve been doing this for 12 years now….)

6-Entertain and hang with my very chatty 2 year old Bubba

7-Supervise at a distance 3 older kids schoolwork and homework

8-Carpool and keep up with soccer schedule for older kids and hubby – cause he is a referee in the evenings and on weekends.

9-Work part time for Mecklenburg Union Futbol Club as administrative assistant to Executive Director and President of club.  (PAYING gig- just started on August 25th – so far, I love it.  works with my schedule)

10-Cook, clean (or not) and try to keep the house running.

11-Be a mommy to the sweetest and busiest little 2 1/2 year old boy.  Keep up with his pt needs….which is a full time job….it’s not just about what we do when the therapist is here – it’s about what we reinforce the rest of the time.

12-Be a mommy to a high schooler with a social life, a middle schooler trying to have a social life, and a 5th grader who wants a social life.

13-Be a wife.

I’m exhausted just putting it down in a list.

Kinda makes this whole stay at home momma thing sound funny…..So if my notes are few and far between right now, you know why now.

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suzycm said...

Yeah...I thought I was actually going to have some "free time" with the kids in school. Hasn't happened yet.