Sunday, September 25, 2011


Saturday was our anniversary.  The big 1-7!!!  Seventeen years of marriage to the neatest guy ever.  (we’ve been together for 19 years)…..

Here is a glimpse back, seventeen years, to one of the best days of my life. 


wedding 1

Our wedding invitations – I loved them.  They were so simple yet elegant.  At least I thought so. 

wedding 2

My future hubby – before the wedding.  Sporting some very stylish glasses….it was 1994 for goodness sakes!  And for those of you that know him now, can you believe how long he used to keep his hair!  Crazy right….

wedding 14

And me, I was so HOT in that dress.  I mean temperature.  I was miserably hot!!!  And that was over in the other part of the college (we got married at Queen’s College.)  It ended up that the AC was not working that day – and it wasn’t working in the chapel during the ceremony.  I could have melted!

wedding 4

And during the ceremony.  I think it’s funny how this picture and the picture below are taken at the same place, almost same time – and look how different the coloring is!!!  Whacked – all the ceremony pictures had this low lighting look to them……

wedding 3

And after…my mommy and daddy and Hubby’s mommy and daddy. 

wedding 5

And a great group shot.  It is very us.  Yes, that is my brother on the far right with the long hair.  Nice huh?

wedding 6

And our cake.  I still have flowers off of the top in my freezer.

wedding 8

And us being silly again. 

wedding 9

One of my favorite memories of the whole evening was getting to see my grandparents dance together.  It was the best.  My grandmother had broken her hip about 3 months before the wedding…didn’t stop her a bit!  She danced all night long! 

wedding 12

Hubby and his buddies… they are all crazy crazy crazy.  And my friend Sher right in the mix of things!

wedding 15

Daddy and all his brothers……

wedding 13

And us leaving…that dang bird seed was EVERYWHERE.  I was picking it out of my ears and hair….so gross!!!!!


Best 17 years of my life!!!!  I have such an amazing hubby and we have the most amazing family.  I am blessed in immeasurable amounts….

kids xmas option 1

wedding 17

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LifeIsArt said...

i love the recent photo of you guys too!

(the lighting in the photos is different because during the ceremony you can't use a flash. the camera was set to "flash off mode" which means it was on a tripod in the back trying to suck any light it could find out of windows and candles. that's the difference in flash light and ambient light. and that's your photo lesson for the day.)

hope ya'll had a great day yesterday!