Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glory Glory Glory

Be patient with me – this is a tough one to write. 

I have the sweetest friend.  Seriously ya’ll.  She really is. She has the sweetest heart and I just love her….and her family – love them too. Her hubby – he’s one of those guys I can’t help but pick on.  He has an accent.  He knows I make fun of him.  My favorite thing that he says is the word VERSION….sends me over the edge laughing.  No really. 

Cause he says it like Ricky Ricardo… “es many dif-rent ber-shons”.

They have have two of the cutest kids.  They are the Bubba’s buddies.  We spend lots of time together “in the hood”.

So my sweet friend…..She’s a young mom. I’m an old mom.  She does organic…I do “whatever”.  She puts her kids in their jammies at nap time…Bubba sleeps at my feet while I work at my desk.  We are POLAR OPPOSITES…and I love her dearly.  She is my much younger “soul sister”.  I know she is…..

They are pregnant with their 3rd babe….they went this past Thursday to find out if they were going to have a boy or a girl……THIS time they were going to actually find out.  HUGE deal for them.  THEY didn’t find out with the first 2.

Bless them – this was the email that they sent out to everyone after…….

Please forgive the email delivery of our news.  We wish we had the emotional energy to have this conversation with each of you personally.  Yesterday at our routine 19 week ultrasound they discovered a problem with our precious third baby.  The baby looked perfect, face to toe, but appeared to have no skull and no brain, a condition called anencephaly.  The doctor cried as she told us the news.  We were in shock, and instantly devastated.  After a sleepless night and many hours of tears, we saw a maternal-fetal specialist at the hospital today who performed another ultrasound and confirmed this diagnosis.  This condition is fatal and our little baby is considered "incompatible with life." 

Before I go any further I want you to know that this tiny angel is another GIRL and we have named her Glory Adela.  We believe her very existence - her small beating heart - is glorious, worshipful praise to God.  Adela comes from (my husband’s) grandmother and it means "noble."  Because of our faith in Jesus, we believe this tiny princess will live a life of royalty in heaven as a daughter of our King.  For eternity!  A few hours after we decided to call her Glory I heard “R” joyfully shouting this verse from Isaiah from her chair at the kitchen table, "Holy, holy, holy is our God! His bright GLORY fills the whole earth."  We hadn't even told “R” about her name yet, which made this a sweet confirmation!

Other than her missing skull and brain, Glory is perfect.  Her heart beats strong and she measures right on target.  However, because she has no brain she cannot see, hear, feel pain or move spontaneously.  It is unlikely that she will pass away inside of me, and it is also unlikely that I will go into labor on my own, even if I were to carry past my due date.  She will likely pass away during delivery or very soon after.  We will most likely have to induce labor for her to be born and this is where we need your support and prayers.

Many of you know I have a condition called Protein C deficiency.  It is a hereditary blood disorder that puts me at extremely high risk for blood clots.  You may remember the Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism I survived in 2004.  I am at highest risk for these potentially fatal complications during pregnancy, and I take injections twice a day to offer some protection.  Our medical team of obstetricians, midwives, the maternal-fetal specialist and genetic counselor have advised us to induce labor at this point in time.  They believe that the risks to my life are far too great for me to continue this pregnancy. 

We believe that Glory's life has great purpose.  We desire to know her, love her, carry her as long as possible to enjoy our time with her on earth.  Our hearts tell us to carry her in my belly as long as we can.  However, we recognize the risks the doctors have discussed with us and will keep these in mind as we pray through this difficult decision.  Please pray alongside us this weekend as we try to reconcile our great affection for our angel daughter with the desire to preserve my health and life.

We need to give an answer by Monday and plan to meet with both our pastor and my hematologist (blood specialist) Monday morning.

An amazing friend prayed these things for us last night and I want to ask you to pray them also:

  • -that we would feel God's presence and hear his voice
  • -healing for our broken hearts
  • -that we would remain free from isolation, fear, guilt and shame
  • -that we would have visions of our sweet Glory in heaven
  • -that we would stay open in the midst of this journey
  • -that we would be surrounded by a tight circle of community
  • -that we would experience miracles during a hard season
  • -that we would experience God's lavish love and the way it changes everything

Thank you for walking with us.  We feel your prayers and cherish your support.

I know.  I sobbed for most of the weekend. I am still so amazed by this mother’s strength.  My special friend was heartbroken and there was nothing anyone of us could do, except to tell her, them, that we loved them, and we were praying and thinking about them……

Today marks the 5 days that this sweet family has had to digest the news of their little girl, Glory.  I cannot tell you the roller coaster and bureaucratic, political, law,  MESS they have had to go through the past 2 days.  As of right now, my friend will be able to carry her sweet Glory until closer to term.  They will be able to love, safe and sound in her mommy’s belly, as she should be. …….

Pray for my friend.  Pray for her hubby, a good man.  Pray for their 2 other bebe’s.  Pray for the doctors and other medical people that are and will be playing a roll in Glory’s life….because that what it is….a life. 

They will have a chance to rejoice in the Glory of her life.

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