Friday, March 16, 2012

Bang Bang Bang!

The roofers are putting a new roof on our house RIGHT <<bang bang bang>> now.  It’s been going on for almost 3 hours.  As soon as daylight hit this house all the COUSINS were in my front yard “Rea-ta-go”.  <<bang bang bang>> 

Did ya see the movie MONEY PIT, old movie with Shelley Long and Tom Hanks?  Well, I don’t think my house is a money pit, but I do feel like they did, looking out the windows and people looking back at me.  Little weird. 

<<bang bang bang>>

All my pictures are whoppy-cocked on the walls too. 

Oh well….Bubba is LOVING it.  He’s running from window to window checking things out….he looked out into the backyard and said “OH MY GOSH, what a mess!”

<<bang bang bang>>

Other news and happenings round here…

I’ve got a new preemie mom friend, Candace.   Our boys have the same PT, Christie, and she connected us.  I just love connecting and talking with other moms, and reading their stories.  And let me tell ya, Candace’s story about going into pre-term labor COMPLETELY rattled me.  It was great to briefly chat with her the other day.  And I’m really thrilled because I was able to connect Candace with my preemie mom friend Lindsay, Baby Pierce’s momma.  Candace and Lindsay have already chatted and I just love that!!!  Yeah for new friends. 

My boy, Crash, the almost 13 yr old, made the middle school soccer team.  We are so excited for him.  The guy that coaches the team is just a “great guy”.  I love the relationship that he and Pootie developed over the 2 years that Pootie played for him at school – I hope that Coach and Crash have the opportunity to develop a neat bond as well.  Pootie is also the assistant coach – and I think that is a new way for he and Crash to form a different sort of bond as brothers.  (hopefully that WILL NOT be bickering like brothers on the sidelines.)

Crash is also dealing with some new issues…..he has been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter’s DieseaseOsgood-Schlatter disease can cause a painful lump below the kneecap in children and adolescents experiencing growth spurts during puberty. Osgood-Schlatter disease occurs most often in children who participate in sports that involve running, jumping and swift changes of direction — such as soccer, basketball, figure skating and ballet.

Did ya catch that ……SOCCER.  Hello!  Some days Crash can hardly walk.  Bless his heart, he is still making a valiant effort to play soccer.  It’s very sad – some days are good days, others he can hardly walk, much less run.  There aren’t too many days that are GREAT days when you are dealing with OSD, we’ve been told….so we are happy when we get GOOD days.  We’re doing anything and everything recommended to help him thru this……voodoo, anti inflammatory, ice, heat, K-Tape, message, and a sports chiropractor.  We are “fortunate” that are super good friends have already charted this course, their son who is Pootie’s age and on Pootie’s club soccer team has been battling this for a year plus now.  I feel so far ahead of the game (pun intended) because they did so much research and stuff to help Matty.  (FYI, this is the same friend that held us together so much when Bubba was born, because their youngest had been a preemie that was super sick…)

So, with the addition of Pootie coaching and Crash playing middle school ball, our schedule has gone totally whack-a-doodle.  My posts will be few for the next couple of weeks just because we are crazy busy!

I can be seen a lot on Highway 51, sitting in the passenger seat of the blue goose, since Pootie is driving…..and so far so good. 

<<bang bang bang>> 

And PS – this is for Candace, this is back in November, when Bubba got his braces (and just to laugh – we have all 4 kids in braces, 3 in their mouths, Bubba on his feet.)  Oh and before he got his first hair cut!!! 


This is his LEFT brace – it only comes up above his ankle –and does not go entire length of his foot. It’s an SMO.


And this is the right brace, and AFO and it goes up the back of his leg to mid calf, and does go entire length of his foot to stop the TOE CURLING Smile


With his shoe on, you can barely see the left brace.


The socks look like soccer socks so he was happy has a camper to get those!!!  As long as we can tie it soccer, he doesn’t fight it!!!  and yep, he wears his soccer cleats with his braces……he says his braces make him run fast!!!!!


Jessi said...

Jack and Bubba have matching braces now!

LifeIsArt said...

POOR SAM!!!!! Will it mess up his soccer skills?? I swear I hate that for an athelete. Hailey's back injury messed her up good. Poor thing is a level below where she should be. She still loves it but it definitely changed the way she performs some. Breaks my heart. Luckily, Maddy's PT has made her a whole new soccer player. Thank goodness.
Wishing him lots of luck!