Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break and Tangents

I am so excited. 

This afternoon my bebe’s will officially be on SPRING BREAK.  I am thrilled that they will be home with me….and have a BREAK!  They need it.  I need it….we need it.  We don’t have any big plans – we’ve never been one to make Spring Break plans – and we like it like this.

Ok, I like it like this.

There is NO school.  No alarm clocks (sorry hubby, you still have to go to work) No HOMEWORK – I dare just one damn teacher to send one snip-it of something home for my kids do have to read, complete, fill in, answer, look up or think about.  I triple dog dare you.

Yeah, I went there that fast.

So, while I’m getting some spring projects done around the house, my bebe’s are going to be vegging out, sleeping in and staying up late, watching movies and asking to have friends over.

The boys actually have off from soccer practice too!  Which means that I do not have to do the carpool hokey pokey for one solid week!!  YEEEEEHAAAWWWWW! 

Which sends me off on a tangent….REALLY Gas Companies…REALLY?  We get it, your big, your bad, you controls the prices, but come on…..don’t you think you are missing something?  LOWER the prices again, make gas affordable and people will buy gas and go more places, thereby buying more gas!  Don’t give me the song and dance about supply…we know you are hoarding like some deranged squirrel with nuts….it’s there…sell it to us at a price we can afford and we can do more and go more…you’ll come out better too.

Dumbassgascompanies.  And dumbasspoliticians.  Why don’t ya’ll worry about that a little bit and stop telling me I can’t eat a Big Mac?

Ok – back on the spring break track.

I’m happy for the break….my kids need it.

Maybe I do too?


Jessi said...

have a great week!

suzycm said...

Gas is KILLING me too. So happy about our break. Now if numbas 3&4 will stop bickering, life will be great!!!!