Monday, March 5, 2012

On the day you were born

So I’ve had major issues trying to get my video to here we go again.  Hopefully now it’s working.  I changed the music playing on my blog to match what was supposed to be in the video.  This also gave me chance to add a couple of things to the story Smile

February 28, 1997     7:11 pm       8 pounds 7.5 ounces. 


On the day that you were born….Friday, February 28th, 1997.  oh goodness.  I start to cry every time I think about it.  I was so happy to FINALLY meet you…but I was totally OVER BEING pregnant!  I was so incredibly swollen – so much that I couldn’t even wear socks because they cut into my feet.  You showed up 3 days after your due date, with encouragement, of course.

Your dad and I had a doctors appointment (Dr. Mueller) that morning and they hooked me up to a bunch of machines (fetal stress test) to see if you were doing ok… were fine BUT Dr. M informed us that I was having really good contractions   I had NO idea, I wasn’t feeling anything!  Dad and Dr. M kept looking at the monitor saying “that one, are you feeling that contraction?”  That’s when he said “we’re going to have a baby today!”  Get your stuff and meet me at the hospital! 

Dad and I kicked into absolute panic.  I didn’t have anything ready at home – the house was an utter mess – and I really hadn’t packed everything I wanted packed.   Oh your bag was ready, but that’s it.  We raced home, threw stuff into bags and headed to the hospital.  I think by the time we got there it was 1:30 in the afternoon. 

You were born at 7:11 pm.  It was a relatively short labor considering you were the first.  You were a lot bigger than Dr. M thought you’d be.  Ninni, Poppa, Itsy and Poppa Dave were all there in the waiting room…..Uncle Chris was there for a while and my friend Suzy made it right before you showed up….Suzy says she vividly remembers that evening, especially when your Daddy said your name and you turned your head to look at him. 

You were beautiful.  I know that Ninni has told you a million times, but when you showed up we all really just sat and watched you breathe.  It was love at first sight for all of us.

You are such an incredible young man.  I cannot believe that you are 15.  You are a truly good kid.  You are very smart and have my gift of sarcasm.  You like rules and for the most part, follow them.  You are a gifted athlete.  You are a good friend to many and have a very diverse group of friends.  While you irritate the stew out of your brothers and sister, you love them and are such a watch dog over each of them. 

We know your are growing into an amazing adult…but you will always be our baby.

Jack TV

We love you.  Happy Birthday.

*This is almost a week late in getting posted – took me forever to get the video done because I had to look at the millions of pictures!

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LifeIsArt said...

I was there too! I will never forget getting to be among the first to go in.

I will also never forget the look on Neil's face when that baby heard his momma's voice and lifted his head up to look for you.

SO SWEET. Makes me cry too.