Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Random Week

This will be a bullet point posting…..busy busy busy! 

  • Lola broke her left pinky finger on Friday during a wicked game of kick ball!!!  Would not have been “an issue”, but the urgent care x-ray showed the break was on a growth plate.  Of course that required a trip to the Orthopedic doctor.  (No, we do not get  a VIP pass there either!)  So, she is in a splint for 3 weeks……she is NOT happy about it either, let me tell ya!!2012-09-16_17-39-42_354
  • I have to tell ya, I am LOVING NOT doing anything school wise right now.  It really has made for a nice transition into the school year.  It’s really nice not worrying about “everybody else” and just focusing on my family
  • Speaking of which – guess what next Monday is!!!  OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!  That’s right – Hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary!!!  Can ya believe it!?  We’ve been together for 20 years….we’re going to try to sneak off for dinner alone (ie WITHOUT the KIDS) the following weekend.  Not sure if that will work or not, but regardless, we have plans on Oct 13th.  Just us.  After Pootie’s soccer game, we’re going to “A RACE” (not sure what race) out at the speedway.  IN THE SUITE!  I’m NOT a race fan by any stretch of the imagination but I LOVE getting to go out to the suite!   Good food, good beverages, good company, good seats. 
  • I’m sitting watching Sixteen Candles – just one of the best movies ever….
  • The menu planning has been going well – just haven’t posted what we’ve been eating.  Last night we had Ranch Chicken Thighs, another family favorite.  Tonight is still in flux as to what we are doing.  I might resort to ordering Pappa Johns, the soccer schedule has thrown me for a loop today.  Rain has closed the grass fields and they are shuffling us onto turf and thereby changing times.  Of course, both boys are at same time, different fields.
  • Nate just left from putting the final touches on my office – it’s all painted and now I just have to put everything back and hang all my new stuff!!! Smile I’ll be sure to take pictures – because I got my idea from PINTEREST! 

Enjoy your Tuesday! 

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