Monday, October 1, 2012

What’s in store for the week….

OCTOBER 1st.  Can you believe it?  OCTOBER!!!  The menu gets more soups and stews! Yeah! 

My friend Marybeth Whalen, go visit her website she is amazing, has a new plan she is starting this week.  I love it.  MB has inspired me for a while now to take control of the cooking and the money spent trying to cook.….she has 6 kids that go in all different directions, and she is a working mom (she is a writer so she has to have so THINKING TIME). 

It’s all about the planning.  So this week the plan is

Monday – Spaghetti.  Easy and makes everyone happy.  Ground beef, pepperoni and bottled sauce.  If it’s not homemade by my other friend Sheila, my family prefers I not tinker with the bottled stuff. 

Tuesday-Chicken and Dumplings.  Another easy, make in the morning dish – and a family favorite.  With the rain expected the rest of this evening and tomorrow, it’s make it feel more fall like for them. 

Wednesday-Crash has a game at 7:00 and Pootie has practice – so it’s a late night for all.  Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches and chips…I can (again) put it on early and the kids can eat when they want. 

Thursday- I like Marybeth’s idea of DO IT YOURSELF – so I will offer my gang the same option – they’ll have leftovers….or cereal.  Whatever.   

Friday- Hubby is at Robb’s on Friday nights – so the kids will want to go to our favorite, Chile Verde. 

The rest of the weekend we’ll be scattered so I will be a little less ridged and probably do sandwiches and canned soups.

In other news….it is October 1.  And for lots of the families – it means HYBERNATION. Yep, the dreaded lockdown for preemie baby families to hide from the yucky germs of RSV.  So, to our friends over at BABY PIERCE….we’re thinking about you and want ya’ll to stay GERM FREE!!!  Ours wasn’t horrible, but we didn’t do LOCKDOWN the way we should have – it was hard – 3 significantly older kids….I wonder how others with older kids handle it.  What do you do if you have older kids – who are still little? Preschool scares me more than my own big kids….one of the main reasons that Bubba is not in preschool yet…..too many icky germs!!!  If you, or someone you know is going thru this, or you simply want to understand the world that a preemie family lives in, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my blogger friend Jessi over at LIFE WITH JACK she has amazing insight into the isolation and ways to help maintain some sanity!

So, to all or preemie friends – GOOD LUCK!!!  Remember----internet friends are good friends to have!!

Oh– and here is one of his new favorite past times…the old brio train set that belonged to Pootie and Crash.


The bookends, Pootie and Bubba, hanging out on Friday night together….


And my friend, the Yanky, bought him his own soccer jersey – just like the big boys…and of course when she asked him what number he wanted….NUMBER 7.  “Wike Crash”.  (It’s also Pootie’s favorite number but long story short, he is now 61…get it 6+1.  All about perspective ya know.) 


And – this might now be a big deal to most – but we think it’s awesome.  UNC Charlotte now has it’s own football team…and here is the new stadium – built right smack dab in the middle of the campus.  It’s beautiful… Pootie’s home soccer games are played on the college soccer/track stadium and we’ve loved watching this being built!  I swear, we’re more excited about this than the dang Panthers – geessshhhh.  (FYI, UNCC is one of Pootie’s current top 3 college picks)





And here is Pootie during last weekend’s game up at the UNC Charlotte Soccer Stadium….Can you find him?  (we were sitting up really high under cover because it was raining…and I took this with my phone…)  He is to the left of the mid field flag – which is near the track…see him?  His soccer boots are white and pink….


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