Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Menu for the Week

With this week being one day shorter, I’m a little off….ya know, all day long I’ve thought today was Monday.

This week’s menu

Tuesday – (tonight)

Spaghetti – truly one of my hubby’s favorite meals.  I’ve put the sauce in the crock pot.  Plus I made dessert…a RECIPE from PINTEREST!!!  I have seen this one pop up more than once, and it just looks too good and too easy…so my assistant – Chef Bubba- helped me!  Two bags of frozen fruit – your choice.  One box of yellow cake mix – non pudding kind – and one can of diet lemon lime soda (sprite or sierra mist)  350 degrees for 40ish minutes! Holy-tamoly – the house smelled amazing!!! 




Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry with Rice.  (Think I’m going to use one I found on Recipe Zaar- I’ll add more veggies than just broccoli…)


Pork Chips, mac and cheese and peas – another hubby favorite.


Crock Pot Chicken and Mushroom with egg noodles and green beans


BBQ Sandwiches – I’ll have to start this on Friday night.  We have a cookout to go to on Saturday so this will be easy to take for us to each – plus I’ll make a couple dips.


Pinwheels with peas and applesauce


So there is the week – somewhat organized……

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