Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food follow up

I wanted to quickly update ya’ll on dinner planning for this week…all of four days.

First HUGE thanks to my buddies for posting via facebook some easy dump recipes (crock pot and casserole).  I can’t wait to incorporate them into the next couple week’s planning!

Monday Night’s Chicken Parmesan – it was DELICIOUS!  And don’t you love my plates?  They aren’t new – they were Hubby’s grandma’s and I just remembered that they were in the attic at , Patsy’s, my MIL.  They are perfect for our new dining room (or as Bubba calls it – the family room.)


Tuesday Night was the Roast – and wow – it was super easy and really tasty!!!  Here is was going into the crock pot.  Water, a packet or brown gravy mix, packet of italian dressing mix, and a packet of ranch – with an added splash of red wine!  Served with rice and bourbon carrots…one of Pootie’s favorites. 




Wednesday night I cooked a meatloaf, one of Hubby’s favorite meals…with garlic cheese mashed potatoes and peas.  I always cook a meatloaf like my gram would have – with a blend of ground meats.  Beef, lamb, turkey, or pork.  The sauce on top is my mom’s secret recipe – and it’s amazing on meatloaf!!! 


Tonight, Thursday, is the PF Chang’s Lettuce Wrap.  My family LOVES it!!!  And it’s super easy to make ahead and they can eat it when it works in their schedule.  I think it needed a touch more rice wine vinegar, but I ran out. I serve it with a peanut sauce and the hot sriracha sauce.  SOOO yummy!!!


Hubby was very pleased, as were the kids to have dinner as soon as they walked into the house.


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