Sunday, October 12, 2014

So excited about this week’s menu!

I am – seriously!  I’m trying a couple of new items and they look so yummy!!!  In my search this week I found a new recipe blogging website and marked SEVERAL that I will be trying over the course of the next couple of weeks.

But for now.  Let me just tackle this week!

Sunday (tonight)

We are having the Providence Athletic Department BBQ, with a hot pan of BBQ beans, cole slaw, and crock pot apples. 

NOTE for you PHS BBQ buying fools.  I’ll be freezing mine and using it in a couple of upcoming recipes~ so excited!!!  Like this one!  Pork Chile Verde!  HOW delicious does that look?  And the BBQ this year was PERFECT for using in other recipes!!! 



The Big boys have an away high school soccer game (go Panthers) so I’m making something that can OF COURSE go in the crock pot!!  Beef Burgundy.  I found it on Bacon Butter Garlic and Cheese, the new recipe blog site and it just looked amazing!


It has little pearl onions in it..and just love me some pearl onions!



Yet another new find, this one courtesy of my Aunt Artie.  I have NO idea how she came across it, but she asked someone to make it….so I’m in.  her directing me to the site is how I found the new Bacon Butter Cheese and Garlic blog!  Thank you Aunt Artie!

This dish has one of my favorite things in it!  SPINACH  (insert Hubby making a face right now…) It’s a chicken spinach and mushroom dish – and the blogger also listed a ranch fried smashed potatoes.  So I’m going to make that as well.



Super simple and can be in the crock pot because we have a high school game.  Spaghetti…..with meat and pepperoni sauce.  And a loaf of french bread.  Nope, no fabulous pictures to post of that one!


Shrimp and Grits   Yep – Bacon Butter Cheese and Garlic Strikes AGAIN!  How yummy is this!  I THINK I’m going to make a small thing of collards.  I’ll probably be the only one who eats them.  But it just goes!



Friday will be a hodge podge – hubby is reffing and I’m guessing the BIGS will be out and about. 


Breakfast and Lunch Needs

I’ve got a crustless ham, onion and mushroom quiche in the over right now for breakfast diversity this week.  I purchased a couple of cans of pop and cook biscuits so they feel that I’ve “cooked” in the morning. :-) hahaha…

Think I might do waffles one morning just to mix things up.

Lunch – I’ve got 3 ponds of thinly sliced oven roasted turkey and some nice rolls to make sandwiches.  The boys want some fresh spinach on theirs….Sassy just the meat.

Bon appetite and enjoy the week!

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