Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone has had a most fabulous Thanksgiving Day. We went on the long ride up the street up to mom and dad's. Mom cooked everything but the Blueberry Jello that I love so much. I made that, and brought the rolls. Oh and I made a southwest squash casserole that we like. The turkey was amazing!!! Mom really does cook the best turkey ever.

Another couple, Dave and Gloria, from the church joined us. Dave worked for the Missing Children group. As an investigator. He has found over 1200 missing children. Only 14 of those children were not alive. It was amazing to hear about it. He talked to my kids too about safety. Pootie was just shaking his head. He told Dave - "that's what my mom does." I got the thumbs up from "the man" about the rules. Pretty cool. It was especially good for Pootie to hear that I am not some crazy wench. FYI, 1 out 100 missing children are abuducted by total strangers. The rest are parents, family members and acquaintances. Scarey.

So, we are home, it's after 8. We are all stuffed. Ready to go to bed. Lola ran a fever all night last night, which meant that once again, I was up and down. Ok, that is a lie, what happened was, she would moan (she was in the floor next to my side of the bed) and Shelby would sit up and look at her, which meant her little name tag would jingle, thereby waking me up. I've learned after 3 kids to sleep thru some fever talk....

Anywho - Happy Turkey Day!!!! Be safe!!!!!!

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Marybeth said...

Hey-- LOVE all the RDJ songs you have added-- did you know he is one of my favorite singers?? Which is odd, as most know him as Ironman. But he and I go waaaay back. All the way back to Weird Science and Less Than Zero.

Love him!