Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's' March 1st, so Winter is OVER, right?


Every weather forecaster and his (or her) brother is calling for SNOW here in Charlotte this evening. One idiot on the news (Channel 36 to be exact) this morning said that the kids are anxiously awaiting a big snow. BIG LIE. There can't possibly be a kid in this area that is begging for a big snow...because they know that if it does, they will lose their BIG Spring Break in man just trying to keep those rose color glasses nice and shiny I suppose.

It is still raining...hasn't stopped in what feels like 24 hours. Hubby looked out Lola's bedroom windown and told her the pool was finished, he had it put in over the weekend. Sarcasm people, there is that much rain.

Crash is still sick. He attempted going out to dinner with us last night (he had to, we had no power - transformer blew up down the street)....I will most likely keep him home tomorrow and Tuesday. He just cannot handle too much moving around.

Pootie's birthday plans had to be scrapped. We were supposed to be in Atlanta at a soccer tourney with him. He would have been with all of his buddies, happy. Not so much. Hubby and I drove him to Atlanta on Friday night, only to get up on Saturday morning and have the tourney canceled at 7:00am. So we had breakfast and came home. Good times. He did get to go shopping yesterday afternoon for his present. A skateboard. He is happy. Of course, remember, it's the extent of his skateboarding is in the garage right now.

Good weekend.

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