Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes, it's been a while.

I knew that it had been, but my friend Cutts, had to remind me. So this update is for her :)

Since my last post and having such a lovely in Charlotte we have been presented with a couple of days of plain old crap weather. And I'm sick of it. No. there's been no Tsunami or anything like that, but just tired of the COLD and RAIN!!!!!!

But what else has gone on since March 5th. Lots of soccer for both of the boys. Matter of fact, that first weekend of March between both boys we had 5 soccer games. No tournament, just regular season games.

I have a wonderful girl-friend that gave me a ton of baby all that situated. With that "load" of stuff plus the stuff that another friend gave me, we are VERY blessed with baby stuff. Now we just need to get his room in order. (That should happen by the end of April, I's a progress ya know).

We made a totally ridiculous trip to Richmond Virginia for another soccer tourney to be canceled because of what? That would be RAIN!!!!!!!! Of course, this time, the event coordinators did not cancel it until after we were in rain all day Saturday and then back comfortable in our hotel rooms on Saturday night - at 8:00pm. See, that way, they still get the second night cut of hotel profits. The boys were very disappointed, especially since they had been playing so well.

So that takes us to last week. Lola decided at the last minute that she wanted to play rec soccer. OOOOOOKKKKKAY. For those of you who know my daughter, we have tried for years to get her to play. NOPE. We gave up a few years ago. (Even the older girls on the street tried to convince her to play - she would have nothing to do with it). so imagine our shock and awe when SHE said on her own that she wanted to play. Add that into out crazy schedule too. I just realized when talking to Hubby this morning that he will have to at the soccer field every day this week. hahahaha. (notice I said "he".)

Also last week, I managed to get a horrible stomach flu. Not good when you are prego by the way. Mom and Dad also got it. Go figure? It was so bad, Hubby stayed home from work on Thursday. Hubby has never stayed home from work to take care of me. EVER. (Obviously it was because I am prego, duh.) It was bad and that's all I have to say about that.

I finally started feeling better on Saturday, which was a good thing because Mom, Lola and I were hosting a bridal shower for the young lady that has Lola as her flower girl in April. Lola as an absolute delight as a co-hostess. She served drinks, opened the door, took dirty plates, that whole nine yards. It was precious. And she looked too adorable.

Then we went to Boone yesterday for a soccer game for Crash. It was a good game. Crash's team won, but lord help them at practice on Tuesday - I think their coach was not to pleased at how they played, even though they won. (PK from a hand ball in the box from other team and we happened to score on the PK, otherwise it would have been a tie...they just were not taking shots or finishing as they not happy. I know that because I sleep with the guy.)

So today is Monday morning. Kids are off at school already. Hubby is on way to work. I will attempt to get caught up on the stuff that fell behind last week around the house. Laundry is started, need to clean bathroom, try to get some of the baby stuff up into his room instead of in my dining room.....

Washer just buzzed......

Cutts, I am back on track so you don't fall behind again!!! :)

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