Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice

We live by the DVR. Just do. Makes the time we spend watching TV much less....ya know, since we are flying thru the commercials. (Oh, and I can keep up with my soaps in like 2.4 seconds, cause right now, I only watch the parts with PHILLIP SPAULDING! But that's a story for another day....and did ya see the Mindy is coming back for a visit!!! Crazy!!!)

ok - back on track. Celebrity Apprentice. What makes one a "Celebrity" and who votes on the their Celebrity status.

http://www.dictionary.com/ says this .... celebrity Noun (duh) a famous or well known person.

Right there, I think that eliminates 1/2 the cast this season!! Forget the "You're Fired" part. Not a celebrity, can't be on Celebrity Apprentice.

Annie Duke - seriously? does anyone watch Poker on ESPN? Umm - not in our house. We want quality tv people. Who the heck is she besides some mouthy little wench who doesn't want to sell cupcakes for $7000?

Andrew Dice Clay - aside from his cussing infamy - what else has he done. (Which by the way, he got "you're fired" pretty dang quick didn't he?

Brande (with an "e") Roderick. She isn't even on The Girls Next Door?

Claudia Jordan - ok. Let's be honest. She holds a flippin briefcase that may or may not contain lots of money... aside from that.....nothing. nada. nunca.

Clint Black - MOST definitely a celebrity. Precious man, has the cutest little smile.

Joan Rivers - THAT FACE!!!!! What the heck - how much plastic surgery does one woman need? She looks horrible!!!!! Does she really look in the mirror and think to herself...damn, I look good!!!

And WHY is her daughter on there too? Shouldn't they only count as one person...everything else they do, they do in tandem....I'm just saying!

I love Khloe, but keeping up with the K's is one of my favorite train wrecks to watch..

I get the Dennis Rodman thing too. Poor man, very misunderstood at the looney bin. (Hello, talk about screwed up!)

And I guess in the golf world the golf chick is a "celebrity". Although I am not convinced. And the T in TLC chick? Umm - yeah - not a celebrity, at all.

I think this should be called "Some of us are Celebrities Apprentice, the rest of ya are just Wanna Be's"

And then there is March 12th! Doug Ross, MD is back!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE... NBC is doing something right!

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