Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Friday!!

It's summertime, so around here, everyday is like Friday!! I just LOVE summer!!! I love my kids playing outside until almost midnight. I love that they sleep in and I have to wake them up to eat lunch! Seriously - there is only so long you can do that and people not talk bad about cha!! Ya start doing that kind of stuff as an adult and it starts all kinds of comments!!

Peanut is doing great - I'm waiting on Paula, the home nurse, to come for her last visit. Anxious to find out how much he weighs because he is pretty much nursing all the time. He wouldn't take a bottle from me yesterday - he took it from Hubby, just not me. Silly boy.

Peanut and I spent our second night upstairs in my bedroom with Hubby. I had been sleeping downstairs with him. For several reasons but was easier. One being that it was a 3 ring event feeding him. Nurse, Bottle and then Pump. Or Bottle then Pump. Needing a light on occasionally too....and Two, this baby is LOUD!!! He is a grunter - and not just when he is eating!!!! So Hubby says the other night, come on, come upstairs, it'll be ok. Yeah sure right. He hasn't slept for two nights. He looked at me this morning and finally admitted that Peanut is LOUD!!!!!!!! I just grinned and said "told ya". I feel bad, because he does have to go to work, I can nap. But I've offered to relocate again, and he is sticking to his guns about us "still being welcome". Whatever! I appreciate him wanting me in "our bed", but honestly, the man has to sleep!!!

My Aunt is having knee surgery today; she's needed to have this done for a I hope that it is an easy recovery for her. She's a tad hard headed about going to the doctor - so god help us all if it's a yucky recovery. :) Especially help my cousin HollyBeth, because she will be picking up alot of slack I am sure.

Beach plans are underway. I cannot wait. We are going to go to HollyBeth's for a couple of days before the big house. The kids are psyched - and it's always so much fun for me too. HB and I will get a lot of the beach prep work out of the way - thereby giving ourselves more time to relax. Hold on, I have to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard. Seriously.

I still need to finish last years can go back and watch the previous years video's and wish you were a part of this beach family vacation!!! It's just the best time!!!!!! I love making the's called making a memory!!!! You will need to stop my music on the sidebar to enjoy the tunes that go with this video.

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Ginger said...

Hey there,

Hope all is well! I'm so behind on blogging and commenting it's not even funny. Glad to hear that Ryan is doing well. Take care and have a great time at the beach. I love "The Littlest" picture...too cute.

Ginger :)