Friday, June 12, 2009

Week One at Home

Week one went by in a flash with the baby home. He is such a blessing!!! He has totally adjusted to the day to day noise that goes on here. Between the 3 big bebe's and the 2 "other bebe's", there is a lot of just noise, not that my kids are loud. No not at all. But they are kids and the dogs do bark. Sometimes Peanut flinches, other times, he doesn't even move!!! Were I not to know that he had past his hearing examine - I would take him for a hearing examine.

So what all have we done? Nothing. And I know that this will shock you, but I am really good at doing NOTHING but sitting on my butt holding my baby!!

Peanut is up to 4 pounds 13 ounces as of yesterday. For the most part, he does just fine at night. With the exception of 2 nights ago, he is just getting up twice to eat. Two nights ago, he was up for HOURS and all he wanted to do was nurse. So that's what he and I did...all night long it felt like!!

Pootie, Crash and Lola finished school on Wednesday and I have to tell ya...YEAH!!!! I was so happy for them, and for me!! I was getting a tad tired of packing lunches!!!

Life has slowed down on the soccer front for them, now it's just little "get togheters" and "kick arounds". Crash is playing in a tourney tomorrow. It's a 3v3, and they should have fun. Pootie plays in one in July I think. Then we head to the beach!!! And yes, we are going to the beach!

OH - and Hubby is doing fine. He had the big V last Friday. Yes, last Friday, the day after bringing the Peanut home. I was so not letting him reschedule that doctor's appointment. No way!!! The catch was, he didn't want me and the baby going to the doctor's. So his choice on a driver was either my mom, or my friend Ethel.

Umm. Getting a V, mother in law, or wife's girl does one choose? He choose Ethel.
She is a nurse so it made more medical sense! :) And it does make for great neighborhood gossip ya know!!! He was only gone for about 2 hours, no pun intended but NO BIG DEAL! :)

Uncle Chris is also doing great. He is officially an Army Ranger! We are so proud of him. He worked very hard to get where he is. I have a fabulous picture of him in his little Ranger beret, but I cannot post it on the web, there are apparently strict army rules having to do with security and all. BUT, I can post this one of him holding Peanut this past weekend.

Summer is officially here in our house...late nights with kids playing outside at night and sleeping until late in the morning. I just love it!!!! I hope that you are enjoying the start of summertime as much as we are!!!!!!


Merae said...

i love it! congrats to chris and happy healing for neil. love you and am so happy for your family!

Charity said...

Hey, girl! My mom, Sara Rich, fwd me the link for your blog and I have been keeping up with it so I can pray for the lovely little Peanut you have. I am THRILLED to see that he is home and doing so well!!!!

Before Peanut surprised everyone with his early arrival, you and mom had talked about my waiting on my little girl's arrival. A week late she decided to make her appearance. Anyway, just wanted to say HI and stuff. Let you know that I have been thinking about and praying for you.
Charity Ann R. Taylor <><