Sunday, June 28, 2009

Growing Pains

Last night hubby and I took Pootie to a rather large and nice Charlotte hotel for a Bar Mitzvah celebration for one of his good buddies. It was a very emotional event. I am sure it was for Buddy's family too. But for me - major Growing Pains!!!!


Pootie was dressed up (dressed up for kids his age) and he looked so handsome.

And he looked so grown. I had major growing pains.

It was sad. He IS growing up. I've known that, he acts like it for sure, (voice is changing too) but that was a very in your face moment for me. And it wasn't until I saw this picture that it hit me.
He looks older than he did earlier in the day! And the fact that he is now as tall as me doesn't help. (Yeah, I know, I'm not THAT tall, but as a mom, there is something about your baby passing you and looking down on you that is kind of freaky!)

Isn't he handsome!!???? Here is the full shot -

I am sure he had fun. I walked him in and it sure did look like a BIG party!!!! They had a sit down dinner, DJ, dancers (hip hop, not lap, haha) and all sorts of major decorations going on. And that was for the kids - there was a separate thing going on for the parents.

OH - and how about the fact that the moment Pootie and I were walking him in, a GIRL squeals and runs up and gives him a big old hug. Not cool. OK , one girl did run up and give me a hug, hadn't seen her in a while and we've known her since kindergarten and she is just the sweetest of girls.....I see her and I always hear the song Sweet Caroline in my head. I would have been more ok with that girl running up and hugging him...I didn't know who this other young lady was at all...will need to investigate this more.

Getting old stinks.

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Betsy said...

I can relate, girl!! Just wait till they're going off to college and getting married!! sniff sniff