Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day one Nags Head 2009

It's almost dinner time here at Nags Head. Today was our first full day.....and it was wonderful! I'm sitting here in the corner watching my incredible family interact. It's a riot. My Aunt Marty is holding the baby trying to rub "baby luck" onto her daughter and son in law. They are such a funny couple. Lea is like the pied piper - the kids just follow her around like cat nip!!

There are two groups sitting at the big dinner table playing hearts....a family favorite. Cousin in law Keith is grilling his famous pork yummy.

I did get my fat bloated butt out to the pool today for a bit. And got some sun......not as much as I would like but I am trying to be realistic about the sun tan this year.

The kids are having a really good time - they travel as a pack...guess that is what we used to do when we were their age......lord I hope they are not doing what we did!!!

I am very excited because one of the cousins by choice (ie - not related by blood-) is here and he is most fabulous with tonight at some point Hunter is going to straighten my hair!! I cannot wait for that!!! He didn't bring his scissors, but I might go purchase a pair for him..I need a hair cut!!!!

Other than that - everyone is doing well - baby did great in the car - HollyBeth and I got tons done at her house before coming to the beach. That has made a huge difference as far as us having to give assistance here...and it was fun being with her.

OH - here is a funny....Pootie and Sweetie wanted to learn how to drive the old farm truck. I of course told them they needed to talk to they did. She told them "oh no, you can drive the camary." So they did. They think that she is the coolest thing ever. Neil took them driving everyday in her camary on the farm. Talk about happy boys.

Other than that, all is well. Everyone is happy and we are having a good time!!!!!!

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