Monday, July 27, 2009

Day two Nags Head 2009

This is a different year for me. As ya know, Nags Head is my most favorite thing throughout the year. I look forward to it sooo much. It's my PARTY!!! I love sitting with my cousin and cousin in law in the sun all day - and partaking of the oh so loved Bud Light in bottles that is soo cold in the hot sun....and getting tan tan tan.

Not really happening this year. I feel like I am at pseudo Nags Head. Because I am still nursing, there goes the drinking Bud Light all day. Because I am nursing, there goes sitting on the beach all day. Because I have a retarded uterus that had to have issues during the simple procedure, I still don't fit into a bathing suit...because I am nursing and up and down all night I WENT TO BED LAST NIGHT AT 9:30 and FELL ASLEEP!!!

Hubby is giving him an occasional bottle of straight formula, but it's killing his tummy. He spits up so much more...sleeps a tad longer, but hollers like there is no tomorrow. Not sure if it's worth it to give him the bottle.

And to boot, tonight is the throw down Mexican Fiesta night. We have shredded beef and chicken for tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Chips, salsa, guacamole, cheese dip and some kickin white sauce. Beans and rice of course!!! and tequila, sipping good. And my cousin in law's buddy that is here with us this year, Falk, bought one of those mama jamma magarita makers that you see in Costco....ummmmmm.........makes some fan-tabulous drinks, let me tell ya.

I guess I will be nursing that too!

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