Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Three and Four

Day three - I cooked all day. It was Southern Nights - steamed shrimp, stewed potatoes, fried okra, green beans, slaw, corn bread and banana pudding. It was super yummy. We ripped the heads off of, cleaned and steamed 25 pounds of big ole hunkin' skrimp. I had a fabulous team. Solo helped me all day with the cooking, Uncle E did all the dishes and kept things moving on the refilling of plates and Willie G made her most fabulous corn bread and helped Uncle E with the cleaning.....

And then I passed out (from exhaustion) at 9:30ish with the baby in a very comfy chair upstairs. (After I showered, of course, because DANG, I smelled like skrimp.) and yes, I just typed the work skrimp....we like saying it like that....throw a little Bubba Gump to it and ya've got yourself a nice new word.

Back off, it's my blog.

Hubby was really good about keeping up with the kids, including little one. I would nurse him while I was doing things in the kitchen and then hand him back to his daddy.

Reference the previous post...he's not doing so great on straight formula....

Day 4. I was going to get to go out by the pool and bask in the sun for a little while. Hubby was going to watch little one and stay inside and play pool.

I am not supposed to get sun this year obviously.

Dark clouds and wind have brought me back inside to pout. And ya know that I can do that.

I said it was bad as when we were here for Hurricane Dennis. I realize that is an exaggeration, but it adds to the story. ;D

So, here I sit, with my very sun absent a computer. Bummer.

I think I'll go have another glass of water.

go visit my friends' websites. Betsy and Ginger. (They have such pretty backgrounds now on their sites!!! When I get home I think I'm going to change mine.) But they both wrote about sandwiches, and I think that's funny...but they are great stories.. You will enjoy them. Makes ya think of summer!

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Ginger said...

Hey there,

I'm so behind on reading. Your blog cracks me up!!! Your dinner sounds wonderful...nothing like a southern cooked supper! Hang in there girl.