Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday News

I have been so bad about posting. OH WELL, sue me!!! Last week was just crazy! I am still not back to normal. The incision sites and my belly button still hurt, not as bad, but still. And the worst belly is still huge!!!! All me regular shorts that I was wearing...yeah - no, not now! Maternity clothes!!! HATE it!!!! I literally cannot button regular pants.

Little Peanut is getting so big!!!! He is 13 weeks tomorrow and as of Friday's doctor's appointment, he is 7 pounds 13 ounces!!!!! I am so pleased with his weight gain and so is his doctor.

Nags Head plans are well under way. Trying to finalize some stuff before we head out. FYI - house will not be vacant all would be burglars!!!! We have two big dogs and they have a dog sitter coming!!!! BEWARE! They get very protective if momma isn't here!!!

Here is the menu and cooking teams that will go out to everyone this week. It's not very clear - but you get the idea. We are very organized!!! It's one of my favorite things to do with my cousin HollyBeth!

If ya can't read what we are actually eating it's like this:

Saturday - pizza and salad

Sunday - pork tenderloin

Monday- mexican night

Tuesday-shrimp night

Wednesday - pinwheels night

thrusday- hamburgers and hotdogs

friday - left overs

saturday- come home!!!

I am still trying to wrap up last years video - I can't find the cd that HollyBeth gave me from her camera with 08's photo's on it..might have to see if she can over night them to me!

Off to finish laundry and then to Walmart and work for a bit!!!

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