Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Evening News

HUGE News to announce!!!!! No, I am not pregnant.


He got home to Fort Benning, Georgia late last night. He is home for maybe 6ish months..not sure. There is alot going on in Afghanistan, so they really don't know. But he is in the United States and we will hopefully get to see him in the next couple of weekends. Lola could not stop crying this evening because she was so excited that he was home.

and in other news...

The Peanut Bug-a-Boo weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces as of Thursday of this last week.

and as a follow up story....

Today Hubby asked if I wanted to go for Mex tonight (my favorite) and I said, no, I have dinner planned. How good is that? It was yummy too!!! It was a huge amount of food though. We have leftovers of it. Tonight was the Tortellini with Italian Sausage.

and coming next week

Hubby is playing in my favorite golf tourney on Monday. It's a charity event, and the sponsors, do the do the players up right. He comes home with a HUGE box of soaps, shampoos, lotions, razors, all that type of stuff, and it lasts us the entire year!!! Gotta love it!!! And it's the good stuff that I like!! OH last year there was a mamajama thing of Sauve hair spray...loved it!!!

Speaking of hair. Mine needs some color big time. (Here is where the gay husband swap would come in quite handy.)

And here is a picture of the little one from the other night...he is growing so fast and is just such a neat baby. the lighting is a little yucky - the flash didn't go off on the blackberry...
That concludes our news stories for this evening. Whew. I'm exhausted after all that!!! Time for bed, it's almost 9!!!

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Paula M said...

Congratulations on your brother being home. Hope the reunion is great. Glad things are great with you and the family