Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Healthy Breakfast?

My girlfriend Angie asked this question via email to a group of mommies (me included)

"Thought I would ask some of you mommies what you guys do for breakfast on school days, I am looking for ideas for fast and easy but nutritious things for breakfast, seems like it can be such a battle in the morning to find something that he will eat fast that does not take forever to make and not loaded with bad stuff. Would love to hear some suggestions if you have time."

Here is my response...
Angie – very interesting inquiry. Quick, nutritious? Can ya have both? Right now, I consider it a good day if they just eat!!!

Crash refuses to go in carpool, he’s a 5th grader and he FINALLY gets to sit in the back seats of the bus – so god forbid we not do that!!! So that turkey gets himself up at 5:45 AM!!! To get a quick shower (because that’s what 5th graders do MOM…) then he wakes me up at 6…I wake Pootie and Lola up. Bug-a-Boo Peanut typically will stay asleep for a tad longer.

Crash and I go downstairs, I fix 4 lunches (Hubby takes his lunch because he is driving to Cleveland County Regional Hospital every day right now and leaving to eat lunch would just waste time….) Crash scarf’s something down. Anything…bagel, English muffin, cereal (it’s fortified for goodness sakes, and has the recommended daily allowances and that’s controlled by the government..haha). I figure if he slathers a bit of jelly on the bagel or English muffin that’s a fruit…has a glass of milk or oj…he has to be out the door at 6:25 to catch the bus that comes at 6:33 AM!!!

Lola hates eating breakfast (she’s a girl.) I keep waiting for the day when she tells me she’ll just have a diet coke or cup of coffee, she is my child after all…(although I have found that after nursing chunky monkey all night when he has an all night eat-a-thon that a bagel isn’t so bad some mornings, but that’s another story)…I think I’ve had a major accomplishment if I can get her to take a couple of bites of anything…instant oatmeal is top on her short list of things she’ll eat for breakfast…..Lola rides in carpool with one of the neighbors and doesn’t have to leave until 6:50. She says the bus in the morning is over rated.

And then there’s Pootie, the middle schooler….he eats two bowls of cereal AND an English muffin or bagel. He eats anything that is not tied down right now. And he still only weighs 90 pounds. This is the same kid that gets home from school and then proceeds to eat another couple bowls of cereal and anything that he can find leftover in the refrigerator. If there is nothing in there that hits his fancy, he moves onto a box of goldfish while he starts his homework.

Healthy? Doubtful
Quick? I think so…..
Just getting 3 kids out the dang door in the mornings….PRICELESS!!!!!

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