Tuesday, February 2, 2010

yeah yeah yeah

Let me just be honest.  I hate the cold.  And by hating the cold, I also totally hate the snow.  Hate ice even more than snow. 

Our area got about 2 inches of ice and a sprinkling of snow this past Friday night.  I was miserable.

My hubby was not.  He went to school at Appalachian State.  He likes all that mountain snow scenery garbage. 

Saturday Hubby played Big Kid with all the kids in the hood.  They were like little lemmings following him off the cliff…… except this was not a cliff cliff, it was a hill, of ice.   And they carried sleds.

Now the cool thing out of this story is that the sleds that the  King Lemming carried were the metal sleds that were given to me and my brother when we were like 8 and 6 years old. No comments about exactly HOW old they are please mother. 

So King and the Little Lemmings took off….on a quest for the BIG Hill…and they found it!!!  And they spent most of Saturday Day there, and went back with more adult and teenage lemmings on Saturday night. 

I did not go.


Sunday morning, the King and the Little Lemmings were headed back out at 8:30 in the MORNING.  King told them they needed to get the sledding in, because it would be gone quick!!!  (I was cheering loudly at that statement).  After they left, Peanut and I had a talk and we decided we needed to get my dang camera and get bundled up and head out….to find the King and Little Lemmings and take pictures!!!  Capture the memory if you will. 

So I did. 

Here are the memories…..

  This is outside in our front yard looking up the street.  THIS IS NOT THE HILL where the Lemmings go. 

From left to right. Crash, Trix, Pootie, Rand, and Lola.  On the Flexible Flyer Metal Sleds…..100_1294

Pootie looking so cute and so grown.


and Crash….he’s so funny.  


All bundled up…..I think I heard him say “I can’t put my arms down” once or twice.  While he doesn’t look super thrilled in this shot, he actually had a blast and loved being outside!!!  100_1298

Crash and Trix


Pootie with his best buds, Big Left (we call him Matty) and Sweetie


Lola and Rand headed down the hill – they were FLYING!!!! 



and one cute shot of the Peanut and what he can do now…do ya think I could have made it bigger? 



Merae said...

love it!!! mn and peanut look so much alike!!

Marybeth said...

You crack me up! You changed your music and got more of the 70's stuff going... the stuff of our childhood! John Denver!! Thank you!! I sat on my bed, let the music play with two of mine (10 yo and 7 yo) reading while I read blogs. A nice way to spend an evening.