Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m just saying…

I am really upset about Jesse and Sandra.  (But I don’t care about Tiger and Svetlana or whatever her name is.  Go figure how I am rationalizing the difference!)  I am even more upset now that I know there is a baby!!!  I really think it is amazing and being fabulous parents that they went thru the “normal” channels to adopt this baby….and they kept it a secret (obviously something that Jesse does well)…..

But I liked him.  He seemed so normal for a biker dude that was formally married to a porn star.  (How many times does one get to say that sentence?)  I really fell for him during Celebrity Apprentice (which has anyone wondered why they don’t to regular apprentice anymore??).  When the Donald asked him why, when married to one of the wealthiest actresses in the world, didn’t he raise more money?……….he replied that he had no plans to use his wife in such a manner.  I melted..but not anymore.

Yet I still feel sorry for him.  I think.  I feel really sorry for her because I wanted him to be this incredible rough and tough guy that just loved her forever….I have no idea where that sappy side of me comes from..from years of watching soap opera’s with my grandparents I guess…

Then the smart a** side of me wants to whop him upside the head and say REALLY?  YOU REALLY THOUGHT you were going to CHEAT on SANDRA BULLOCK and the HO’s NOT run their MOUTHS!!!????  Hello…..did you live in a bubble when it happened to Tiger?  They are going to TALK!!!!   Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!

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