Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Monday

I just love Random Monday's.  It fits my mood.  I’m somewhat scattered coming off of the weekend.  My mind is racing with all that I need to do, and all the things that I want to do, and NONE of it getting done!!!

  • I’ve got two new blogs to add to my reading – and one website you have to check out.  The website belongs to the dad of a fellow student in Lola’s class.  The images just blew me away.  I’ve looked at them several times today in amazement at the talent!!!! you have to go have a look.  Then my new blogs to read…one is my friend Lori – her’s is  and then the dad referenced above has a blog, so nice to see a guy writing…read the post about his uncle that just passed away.  Very sweet -   I’ll be adding both to my sidebar to read faithfully!!!!      
  • Crash’s soccer season is over.  He has the week off and will then just be training and staying moving until we get to tryouts – which is the week of May 24th. 
  • Pootie’s club soccer season is over and they are now practicing for State Cup.  That begins the weekend of May 8.  He still has school ball – their last game is May5th.  He has really enjoyed it and hubby and I cannot say enough nice things about the coach.  Just a good guy.
  • Lola had her challenge run at school this past Thursday and bless her heart – she ran or fast walked the whole time!! Miracles happen!  For the first time EVER – she did not cry!!!  OR stop and fold those arms and say “it’s stupid”.  She ran 9 laps in 12 minutes (7 laps is a mile) and did it with a great attitude.  The Aunts and Uncles and Ninni were there to cheer her on – think that is what did it for her.
  • Rowdy weighs 19 pounds 1 ounce and is 29 inches long as of this past Thursday. 
  • There are 32 more days of school left and I cannot wait for it to be summer.  You will hear me say that alot, so deal with it.  One thing I am not getting is this year they are doing (EOG’s) a week early.  I am sure that is to give them a chance to retest and get the kids passed that don't pass the first time but come on. That leaves 19 days of school after the testing.  We are a school system in serious financial trouble – just let school be over!!!  (and yes, I am aware that the state sets the law about how many days the kids go) but I’m just saying!!!  Had you added a couple of minutes to the days before EOG testing, we could be done.  And yes, I know that the kids have fun and get to do all kinds of neat things after the stress of the test is over BUT AGAIN…our lovely school system has no money!!!!
  • I met the neatest mom while we were in Greenville, SC at a soccer tourney this weekend.  She works for the University of Tennessee with the athletic program.  How did we meet you ask?  SHE LIKED MY BUMPER MAGNET!!!!  The one that I had made that says “SOCCER: it’s not about the club, it’s about the kids”.  That was back when we were a 2 club family and the guy that was president at club a gave me a hard time about moving Pootie.  I told him didn’t I?
  • Dad is still on the mend – doing great.  Driving the wonderful car – so my kids know he is feeling better!

Here are a couple of family shots from last week -

This is my daddy’s younger sister – her name is Margaret but we call her Aunt Artie.  She lives in California (she has 6 kids, 3 girls, 3 boys and amongst them, they have 11 kids…)


This is my Aunt Mary (as in who my daughter is named after).  She is married to my daddy’s brother, Ervin.  They live in Virginia and have a horsey farm.  (This is HollyBeth’s mom)


And this is Grandmabel, my daddy’s mom.  She is admit that she is NOT going back to Cali with Aunt Artie.  Wrong decision, but it is her decision. 


And on the left in the red is my daddy’s older brother, my Uncle Ervin.  He is always making a silly face!  I have pictures of him skateboarding across my parents front porch as my prom date was walking up to the door to get me!!! 

On the right is my Aunt Artie’s hubby, Larry.  He is a good man and adores her.  They’ve been married about 7ish years……


And here is my daddy and my hubby.  I took these pictures on Sunday night before daddy’s surgery. 


And my mom and Rowdy.  She was smooching all over him….and he loves it!!!!! 


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