Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Wedding!!!

So back on Friday April 30th, we had a really busy day!  First, Hubby and Crash- both of their birthdays.  Then, Pootie’s club soccer team end of season party…and one of my long time best friends was getting married.  Up in Greensboro.  I felt so torn leaving my Crash on his birthday…but there was no way on god’s green earth I was NOT going to the wedding.  I had helped her look for her dress for goodness sakes!! 

So I distributed kids as needed and Hubby and I headed out to Greensboro to be there for Cutts and her hubby to be Grimmer. 

The ceremony was at 6 and she asked us to hang out with her and the family prior to the ceremony…so we of course obliged. 

Here we are before the big moment.  just a note, I was in 4 inch heels and she was still dipping down to be at my level.  I don't’ even think she had her heels on yet..geez I’m short!!


And here we are again with another one of her best friend’s, Lorna. 


And with her sweet daddy.  Mr. Cutts always called me the noisy one back in high school.  Back in high school, when anyone would come over to pick Kelly up, you came thru the back door and headed up the stairs, quickly, past Mr. Cutts sitting in his chair.  Not me, I’d always go and plop my butt on the sofa and talk to Mr. Cutts.  He cracked me up…….


And this is the Groom and his sweet little girl.  Cutts is going to be a great step mom to her.  Isn’t she adorable?


And Cutts and her brothers.  Kenneth on the left and Kevin on the right.  Kevin was still in elementary school when we were in high school – and now he is all grown up and married with a new baby!


So, after the ceremony, we hung out for about 30 minutes, then drove like mad to get back to the baby (remember, I am still nursing, so my boobs were about to explode!) and then raced out to spend the last few minutes with Pootie and his soccer team.

Crash was a great sport about us not being there for his birthday…he said since it was Cutts I could bribe him, which I did with a new World Cup Soccer game for the PS3..it’s what he wanted…..

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