Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Mailbox

I had to let ya’ll know that my friend, Marybeth Whalen has her first NOVEL coming out next week!!  It’s called The Mailbox.

Here is a short review of it….

Nonfiction author Whalen pens her first novel, centered on an actual landmark mailbox in Sunset Beach, N.C. Over a span of some 20 years, Lindsey Adams makes summer visits to the Kindred Spirit mailbox and deposits an annual written update on her life. When her husband divorces her, Lindsey makes the trek again and meets up with long-lost love, Campbell Forrester, whose own marriage dissolved years earlier. Unsure they can rekindle their youthful love, both Lindsey and Campbell struggle to make the leap from teenage infatuation to a lasting adult commitment. Whalen's use of a mailbox as the tie between people, memories, and romantic love is intriguing, and she makes it work more effectively than a reader might expect. (June)

HOW EXCITING AND COOL IS THIS?  i am so incredibly thrilled for her- she is actually working on novel number 2!!!!  She is such an gifted writer – and for as long as I have known her, allllll the way back to 7th grade at Carmel Junior High, she WAS going to be a writer!!! 

So, I celebrate her and her dream!  She goes to prove that even at (gag) 40, married and SIX (yes, she and Curt have 6 kids) you can still accomplish your dreams!!!!   Here she is with her sweet family. 

Make sure you buy your copy at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!!  This is the PERFECT summertime read!!!!!!  Check out her website at 

Congrats Marybeth!!!!!! 

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