Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby and I are having some serious issues right now.  We really need everyone’s thoughts and prayers. 

I feel that I need to be honest with you and let you know what is going on.  I hope that you can learn from what we are going thru and maybe avoid the turmoil all together.  Here goes,

My dumb*&^&%$ older son (aka Pootie) decided to try out for middle school football and damned if he didn’t make the team!!!!  (and no, i don’t really mean that he is a d.a. he’s actually very smart we just are wondering if he’s headed the ball one too many times!)


Neil and I just sit and stare at each other and go ba-ba-ba-ba.  Little drool coming out of our mouths and all.  We are seriously having issues on this one!!!!!!!!  We don’t know what the heck to think about any of it!!! 

Soccer…oh yeah, he’s still playing that.  (We’ll call it "club ball”, because that’s what it is.  School soccer is not until spring….so right now, we are doing “club ball” and middle school FOOT-freaking-BALL!?) 

Another Breath….deep breath.

He is a tough soccer player.  He’s not what i would want to call a brut, cause that would sound bad, but he is tough and has been known to give a little hip check or shirt tug or just plain take the player out, (not trying to hurt them….that would be rude) if needed…

Soccer is still his first love, he told the football coaches that.  And when he went to talk to his club coach – he told him that.  He just wants to try this….

and you may or may not know this, but when you play soccer, you don’t wear pads, or a helmet, or even a mouth guard even if you have braces…..  (As Pootie would say, that would be YAG.)

So why are we are so distraught over him putting pads, a helmet and etc on, and playing FOOTBALL…he’s MY BABY!!!!!  the thought of some big middle school THUG-weighing 400 lbs getting near MY BABY just makes me want to scream! 

He’s just supposed to be the kicker for the team (yes, flashback to GLEE, auditioning for the role of kicker)  but Hubby and I are betting that they all of a sudden think he might make a good slot receiver or wide receiver…..so we’re just waiting for that shoe to drop. 



See how whittle hims is?  Hims is just a sweet whittle boy wooking all innocent wike a butterfly.

(shut up, i know that was a long time ago, but that’s the vision in my  head!)

So, maybe it’s a bit more of this..



And this is the vision in my head of the other players!!!!!!



Talk about stress on a marriage!!!!!!! 


And you don’t even want to know what my driving schedule is now!!!!!!

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