Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday we “babysat” for our friend Suzanne.  She has a 3rd grade boy, Andrew, and a 2 1/2 year old, Ethan. 

Andrew and Crash played upstairs on the playstation, and the little boys played downstairs…Little Bubba had a blast!!!

Here they are playing with, ummm, everything?  Some of it is actually left over toys from when Pootie and Crash were this age.  I had given to my friend Angie, never thinking it would ever make it’s way back here!!!!


And the mailbox…it plays music and this crazy little voice squawk’s “you’ve got a letttt-tttter”


And sitting by the front door on a little bench (it actually belonged to GramMabel) – Bubba was saying Cheeeeeessseeee


and both of them with their MoMo’s (that’s Ethan speak for Monkey)


Now, these next pictures get two disclaimers attached to them

1- I do not want to end up on Good Morning America being accused of dressing my son up like a girl.

2-I did not do this, although I did find it funny is all get out.  this is what happens when your daughter says “I’ll play with him mom?!” 

The funniest part was when Pootie saw it… was almost like the scene from ET when Elliott and his brother Greg walk in on Gertie having just ET up like a girl….”AWWWWW  GAWDDDDDDD”




Nothing like a pink tutu to make you feel rough and tough huh?

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