Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Bubba and the Boobie

Bubba is going to be 2 at the end of April.  (the 21st).  Take off the 3 months that he was premature- but for the most part, he’s going to be 2. 

And Bubba is a Boobie baby.  The folks in the NICU were so sweet to me when he was there and I was pumping the milk maids (that would be the boobs and I pumped every 2 stinking hours by the way).

Starting off, Bubba was feed thru a tube in his nose.  From there, he was fed thru his nose and he had to learn to take a bottle.  And I pumped.  And I pumped.  And I pumped.  (And hubby forgot to close the freezer, but that’s another story.)

Bubba mastered the bottle, and from there he got to meet the milk maids. I still remember that day I was able to make the introductions.  Bubba was still so tiny…I think he was on the big 3 pound size.  And at that time, my boobs were HUGE.  (Let me paint a picture for you.  His head, size of an apple, my boob, size of a honeydew melon.  I thought, there is NO way, this is going to work) 

Those sweet NICU folks said, don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t take to the milk maids.  It’s not unusual for babies to not want to nurse, because they’ve mastered the bottle, and well, they just don’t. 

Well, Bubba didn’t get the memo.  Matter fact I don’t even think he heard what they said at all, much less read a memo.

We got home after 44 days in the NICU, and he and I were able to just “HANG OUT”, me on the couch and him on the boobs.   Well he mastered the boobs.  Boy did he ever.

And he never touched another bottle.   

Fast forward to now.  I had him down to just nursing in the morning and bed time, and an occasional after nap snuggle time.  My deadline was April 22nd (wasn’t going to upset him on his birthday).  Mentally I have been done, but didn’t want to fight or hear him cry for me.  it would make my heart hurt – not to mention my boobs.

But as I always try to state the truth, here it goes, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GET HIM OFF OF THE MILK MAIDS!!!  So I emailed my go to girl on all things Bubba related, and she sent me to her go to girl.  Go to girl number 2 gave me some good thoughts and said GOOD LUCK. 

That was last week.

This week, we have gone 3 THREE, THREE nights without him saying “Boobie.  I neeeeeeeeeed Boobie.”  (He went from saying “i-aunt-boobie” to I neeeeeeed boobie)

On his own, he has laid down in the floor and gone to sleep 2 nights, and the other night Hubby held him and bounced him.



I had NO idea it would be this tough getting him to stop.  Still has his morning Boobie, but I think that will too be gone soon, hopefully as easy as he did away with his nights.

REGARDLESS, deadline is April 22 and I’m dang sure he got that memo!  And even if he didn’t

I’M DONE!!!!!!

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