Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do we care?

Lindsay Lohan formally charged with grand theft

At issue is a $2,500 necklace allegedly taken from Los Angeles jewelry store

Image: Lindsay Lohan


Ya’ll know that any story about this girl just sends me over the edge!  How can one who had so much talent end up to be so, so, so, I don’t know, what the word is except to say ICK!

Hollywood seems to just be full of these tragic good gone bad stories.  The sad ones are the River Pheonix’s (died at age 23) of Hollywood, they end up dead.  I loved River. 

So really, what is the deal with young Hollywood?  Can they get thru it unharmed?  Unscathed?  Live?  Anne Hathaway seems to be ok, as does Mandy Moore. 

Corey Haim, dead at age 38, still relatively young, but he led a horrible life full of drugs and alcohol prior to his death.  (He starred with River in the classic movie Stand by Me). Heath Ledger died at the age of 28.  Way too young.  And it’s not just a NOW generation thing.  Natalie Wood, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe – all dead.  Brittney Murphy (Clueless, Don’t Say A Word, Uptown Girls to name a few.)

What is it?  Can someone please figure out why this happens?  If you are a young movie star, can you get out of Hollywood sane, sober and alive?

Not sure what is going to happen to Lindsey.  She plucks my nerves to the nth degree.  I want to smack her – hard – to get her attention. 

Wake up girl and quit smelling “whatever” you are smelling!

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