Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sixteen years ago today, My Granddaddy died.  His death was very unexpected and really rocked our world. 

His name was Curtis and he was a neat man.  My mom used to say….”that man that is your Grandfather is not the same man that was my father”. While my mom was growing up, he was a stern man, not to inclined to plop down in the floor with her and color in coloring books….MY Grandfather would color, ride bikes, take us for Slurpies, take us to Roses and buy us every single Star Wars action figure we wanted.  We went fishing, crabbing and to the beach.  He was so much fun. 

He was a great Grandfather.  Pootie is named after him- and while none of my kids met him, they all know who he is and what a neat man he was.

Added to the sadness of today, today is my brother’s deployment day.  I’m not sure what time, or where he is going, or anything.  I just know it’s today, and it’s his third time being deployed.  As a Ranger, they are not allowed to give too many details.  Actually the only detail we get is, well, that they are gone.  We have guesses to where, but nothing for sure.

So today, if you will, pray for my Mom and Dad.  While my heart is sad because my brother is deployed, their heart is filled with worry because it is THEIR son.  Pray that my brother and his unit will be kept safe until their return.

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