Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of pocket

I’ve been gone for over a week.  Mentally gone that is.  Busy with I’m not sure what…but I guess it was important.  So let me update you on what all has gone on. 

  • Pootie turned 14 yesterday.  I swear it just seems like seconds ago he was the toddler that I was chasing around.  Time has just gone by so fast.  He is such a neat kid and we are just so proud of him.  He is goofy, sarcastic, serious, silly, uptight, lazy, moody, loving, sensitive, sleepy and hungry all in the same hour.  I love him so much and want him to continue to grow to be a good man.
  • We all went out of town this past weekend to Georgia for a soccer tourney for Crash.  Probably one of the last times that we all get to go together.  It was nice.  The kids argued like they normally do, but in between normalcy, they were so much fun and we laughed a lot.  I love being with my family when it’s like “that”.  Oh yeah, the soccer was good and the weather was great.
  • Middle School soccer started again for Pootie.  He didn’t need anything else added into his schedule right now.  HOWEVER, he loves playing with his school friends and he really likes the coaches.  They are super neat men, that don’t get paid a hill of beans to do this.  I offered to be the team mom again.  I like doing that kind of thing.
  • Lola got her hair cut – above her shoulders.  It’s super cute and if she keeps it brushed, she doesn’t look like a rag-muffin.  She is not into dressing up – at least that’s what she tells. me.  All. The. Time.
  • Oh and I agreed to be the President Elect at the Middle School PTO  this fall.  Which means Fall 2012 I’ll be President.

Don’t want any smart comments about totally losing my mind on this one either.  I know I have.  You don’t agree to do this stuff without being somewhat crazy!

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