Monday, March 28, 2011

Miracle Monday

Miracles do happen.  If you don’t believe me, go read these incredible stories

A bout Grace – sweet baby girl.  Oh how her mommy and daddy love her.  I just know that God IS when I think of this sweet girl.  Grace was diagnosed with occipital encephalocele at 20 weeks gestation. there is TONS of stuff to read on her “condition” but let me say – is she not the cutest little thing ever?  I think her mommy is now on my list of heroes.  What strength she has!!!!

And then there’s Sloan and Lane, these little babies who have fought so hard to grow to be big 6 pound babies.  This amazing family had triplets and lost one of the boys soon after he was born.  I am sure they will forever mourn the loss of their little boy but they are so happy in love with their little boy Sloan, and little girlie, Lane.  Of course I have followed their story – makes me think of my little Bubba…who will be TWO soon!  ugg!

And my last little Miracle Monday comment is this”

I think that “us moms” are pretty much the neatest club to be a member of.  As crazy as mine can make me sometimes (Bubba keeps waking at 4ish in the morning screaming for MOMMA, MOMMA’S ARMS!  HOLD JHEW MOMMA!) they are really Miracles. 

I keep reminding myself

“A child is a handful sometimes, a heart full all the time”.

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