Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boys of the Summer

Here they are – the BOYS OF THE SUMMER!  Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? 

That is my brother – “all swolled up like he got stung by somthin’ 0all over his body”  …that’s ARMYYYYYY TRAINNNNNN SIRRRR!

And my Crash and Bubba.

Mom and Dad’s pool is getting ready to be REDONE because of all the storms (trees ended up IN the pool, everything a mess, etc….)

So this is the extent of the pool right now.

What I wasn’t able to capture was Bubba, who can still be somewhat unsure of Uncle Chris, telling saying “come get in my pool Unca Kiss”…..


boys of the summer

Disclaimer – the baby being standoffish with my brother has broken my brother’s heart….he was with the big kids ALL the time when they were babies.  With Bubba, he hardly gets to see him.  It’s very sad because you can see that it breaks Chris’s heart that the baby won’t hang all over him like the big kids did.

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