Monday, June 6, 2011

Time flies and we’re having fun!


Just a disclaimer (cause you know I LOVE me some disclaimers..) I meant to post this on the 4th and somehow messed up my auto time thingy… it’s a few days late…the actual anniversary of Bubba coming home was August 4th)

So, two years ago at this time, we had just gotten home with the wee one, who was then known ad the Peanut, now known as BUBBA…

In two years what all has changed?





This was the first time that Crash got to see his baby brother…doesn’t he look happy?


This was about a week after Bubba got home – it was the first picture of all my babies TOGETHER!  Aren’t they cute and don’t the big kids look so proud?


First trip to the beach – July 2009 and YES he went on the beach – he loved it!  (what did he know? haha)


First time in the Bumpo- and looking like a chunker chunker!



First time sitting in the high chair and not falling over – smart mommy propped Bubba up with a towel…


First Christmas picture of all four of the babies


First Birthday – loved that cake!

And now here he is…buck wild and home for 2 years… how time flies…isn’t he just the cutest thing?



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