Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bubba Update…

Just wanted to give you a bullet point update on how the Bubba is doing now that we’ve had 4 visits with Ms. Christie, his physical therapist. 

1-She is amazing.  We knew that on the first visit.  She didn’t force herself onto him.  Christie came in, took her shoes off, and sat down on the floor and let Bubba come to her.  Smart woman.

2-He loves her.  How do I know?  Yesterday as she was leaving, he was crying “paweeze don go home Ms. Chwistie”. 

3-She brought cool toys for him to play with yesterday.  Might have added to the crying yesterday, but still.  He didn’t want her to leave.

4-She brought FISHING toys. Bubba loves fishing.  Bubba and Poppa sit in the boat and talk fishing all the time.  One day soon, they will sit on the boat IN THE WATER.  Baby steps.  For me.

5- Once she figured out he liked fishing – she went with it. The rings he needed to step in and out of, she called them ponds.  That’s a smart woman.

So it works like this, Christie comes, they play, she watches, we talk, she points out things for me (us) to work on, and then we schedule the next weeks appointment.  Sounds simple huh?  REALLY!  Cause when was the last time YOU tried to get a 2 year old to do what you want when you want it done? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

During the week between visits we are working on:

1- sitting – he’s not W sitting all the time.  His regular criss cross sitting is getting better. we tell him to fix his legs and he does. 

2- stepping – the stair step that I never use for my fat butt – perfect for him to practice up down, up down on. 

3-using his right leg more….he favors his left leg..

4-not keeping his hands in a fist when at rest.  it’s so funny because he knows he’s doing it and will say “fix ya hands” to himself.  silly boy.

5-squatting….keeping his knees over his feet instead of letting his knees fold inward….letting his knees fall inward is cheating – it’s not using his muscles……

6-stairs – like a big boy

That’s some of what we do…and he gets to play games to learn how to modify the “cheating” that he has been doing…..

He’s very smart so he is catching on quickly!

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LifeIsArt said...

All of that is sooo awesome. I have worked with so many kids, in the last 4 years, that needed that kind of therapy early on and didn't get it. :( All of that will do amazing stuff for his brain I tell ya. (i'm into brain based research lately...not for me...too late for that...for the chirrens. :) He's a lucky little babe. And he's so dang cute too.

And that MN still looks just like ya!!