Friday, July 22, 2011

Marriage Advice….

Over on Kelly’s blog she does this “show us your life” stuff each week…show us your dining room, your bedroom, your kitchen, your whatever. 

This week it’s share your marriage advice.  Now, bless her heart, she gives her disclaimer and says she is not one to offer advice…what-eva!

I have to tell you – I think all the sentiments are sweet and all – but I really got the point I wanted to PUKE at all the sappiness.

I’m sorry.  Just being honest. 

I wanted to GAG. Totally GAG.  I had to stop reading…..

Marriage is HARD WORK.  Period.  It’s totally worth it.  I love my husband dearly.  I do.  And lord help him – he seems to love me…which I’ll admit cannot be an easy task.  We’ve been married for almost 17 years.  And we’ve been together for 19 years. 

Here’s my advice…



Yep, that’s how we’ve made it this far!