Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can’t help it

I can’t.  There a couple of TV shows that I watch, I admit that I watch them.  And I LIKE watching them.  I think it’s cause I am so freaking normal in comparison.

Toddlers and Tiaras'

Really?  They say soccer mom’s are NUTS?  AHHHH no.  Not next to these crazy a pageant moms!  Even nutty are…the PAGEANT dads!!!!!  HELLO – do you think that they are gay?  And the new season that just started is proving to be just as NUTTY as the past seasons. 

I don’t get it.  WHY and HOW do these people think that spray tanning, acrylic nails, fake teeth (aka FLIPPERS) and some goofy dang clothes is NORMAL?  REALLY?  Tammy Faye Baker must be their idol – all I’ve got to say about it…

There is one girl, Macakenzie, (that’s to her facebook page) that is truly deserving of her won show.  Cause there ain’t another kid around that controls her parents and every other adult around her like this kid….go ahead, check her out, she’s a HOOT!  And the country twang on her sends even my manly boys in to the floor laughing their butts off! 

How much of WUSS her momma is is a totally different story for another day.

And yeah, I know, I’m not helping because I keep watching! 


My Strange Addiction 

Did ya watch any of those shows? 

Nutty nutty nutty.  WHO EATS LAUNDRY DETERGENT?  There have been a couple of them.  Some idiot fool man ate glass – like it was dang chips and salsa.  (Obviously the crunchy kind – let’s just take a moment to think about this….does the glass come out and does that hurt??)  The lady that had the puppet?  The girl that was addicted to tanning?  KOOKOOVILLE is calling you home honey! 

and my all time favorite

Hoarders or Buried Alive

Same show, two different networks.  Makes me feel like my house is a very clean organized homestead!  haha.  No really – this is probably the saddest of all shows because these people are just sick.  Plain and simple.  SICK. 

This is someone’s bedroom.  THEIR BEDROOM. 

And this is someone’s kitchen.

It’s just so sad.  These people’s hearts are hurting so bad from SOMETHING. 

And dang it makes for some good TV….and can also motivate the hell out of me to clean out some closets!

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