Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year…just a tad late.

We spent our NYE as we do each year, with our friends in the ‘hood.  It’s always so much fun, lots of great food and laughter.  And none of us have to drive anywhere. 

Hubby was off of work today – which was really nice.  Kids were back at school today – which was really stupid and annoying.  CMS – you make my arse tired.  It was a federal holiday after all. City, county and state offices – ALL C-L-O-S-E-D!  I’m really tempted to call down to the central offices and ask who all was there at work….figure if the kids HAD to be there – so should the idiots powers that be.

Our year ended in Orlando, Florida, (again, remember we were just there at Thanksgiving with Crash) with Pootie at a soccer tournament.  He played 3 great games, and I think overall had fun. 

Hubby and I went down with the Bubba and surprised him.  Which meant that hubby and I had a lot of time with just Bubba….and we did things with him that we probably wouldn’t have done with the big 3.

We went to GatorLand. 


We looked at gators of all shapes, sizes and colors.



We got to pet goats.


We got to feed birds (not his favorite thing at all)


and walk with the birds


Bubba got to play putt putt for the first time – LOVED  it!



We went to the Fun Spot – which is the most cost effective, age appropriate place to take a two year old.  (Hubby and I didn’t have to pay to go in, just $13 for the Bubba and at the time of day we went – he was the ONLY kid on the ride most of the time.)


He was the only babe on the tea cup ride – and yep , he figured out how to spin the little thingy in the middle and turn it round and round!


And the only babe on this ride too!  LOVED this ride – think he did this one 10 times!


And he got to hang out with his big brother


and hug his big brother – he was telling him how much he (Bubba) missed him (Pootie)..We were at a different hotel and really only saw Pootie for his games and them when we took him to breakfast one day (above) and then dinner one night (below).  and one of my favorite pictures Smile


We are starting off the new year with Pootie doing the actual driving part of his drivers education.  (get me a drink NOW).  For this week and the Monday of next week, from 6:30-8:30, if you live in the south area of town, stay off the roads.  Teen learning to drive!!!!  UGGG….I could vomit!


It hits scare in the face, boobs is more accurate, tomorrow  - annual boob crunching is tomorrow.  Always a good way to start things off….schedule yours if you’ve yet to do it.  My mom is laughing at me, this is my first mammogram…and she said “just wait – it hurts!”  I of course countered with “it can’t hurt anymore than when the baby bit me so hard that I cold have used a couple of stitches in my nipple!”  After that pain, I can take a little squishing.

And after ten days together, hubby goes back to work tomorrow.  I will miss him.  Honestly…and that’s a big statement from me….usually after a couple of days I’m ready for him to go back to work – he starts to get under my feet.  What are you doing?  What are we eating?  Questions like that….I love him, but there is a reason that he leaves the house in the morning ..haha

So, here’s to a great 2012.  No resolutions from me, no promises, just the hope for a great year for all of us!

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