Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nothing like a Japanese Steakhouse

When hubby was in college (Appalachian State), they had this little tradition of going to the local Japanese steakhouse (Mykotos).  He would, and still does, drowned his food in the white/cream “shrimp sauce”.  I can’t remember why they went there on a regular basis, so don’t even ask me.  Maybe a long night of partying, maybe after class on a certain day – it’s irrelevant to the story, which is why I’m not asking him.

Growing up, my favorite thing to do on my birthday was to go to the Japanese steakhouse.  Around here it was Nakatos.  (Ya’ll remember the one that was Independence Blvd?  That as a LONG time ago!) There is also a good place up in Huntersville, Kobe. 

So, it only seems fitting that Hubby and I LOVE to take the kids there – to celebrate birthdays, of course!

Ya know when ya go to these type of joints, they take a picture right?  Well, I’ve held onto almost all of our souvenir snapshots.  while I can’t find all of them at a moments notice, they are here.  I’m sure if I go over to mom and dad's, there are even more from when I was “growing up”….

Here is our Japanese Steakhouse history. 

This is actually at the place in Greensboro, on my birthday in 1994.  Which explains why we look like babies – we were! 


Fast forward MANY years (the photo gap is somewhere in my attic) and we have 3 kids…..this is sometime in the fall of 2001.  And YEP, I had super short hair!  I loved it!!!



This is sometime in the  fall of 2002..I’m guessing by how old Lola looks -


And this is from the spring of 2002, even though it says Feb on it..I know I would not have put Lola in a little short sleeve dress in February.  Plus the rest of us are in short sleeve shirts….

2002 a

this is from February 2003 – I’m sure we were celebrating Pootie’s birthday




And then it was April, and we were celebrating Crash and Hubby’s birthday (Crash was born on Hubby’s birthday)

2003 a

And this is 2006 – My mom, dad and brother finally joined in the festivities. 


Early 2007 – celebrating birthdays of course…

2007 march

May 2007

2007 a

And 2008….yes my brother and father are making goofy faces…

2008 feb

and then this is early 2010.  I KNOW FOR SURE of this one, cause (1) the bubba is in the picture and (2) my boobs are still gi-nourmous from nursing the Bubba. 

2010 feb

Now, here is where it gets sad –

the 2010 was the last time we were there together.  2011’s schedule was CRAZY and we just never made it there! 

But we will for 2012.

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