Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Potty, peepee and preemies

I know, it’s an attention grabber isn’t it?

Bubba is going to be 3 April 21st.  Stuns me to think that….I had really decided that I was going to put off potty training until he was 3.  But I just could NOT take it anymore.

So we ditched the day time diapers and went straight to big boy underpants and big boy boxers. (on a rare occasion I am putting him in a pull up if we are gong out and I know that I can’t get to a potty super fast….)

And he is doing a great job….but we do have a couple “obstacles” to maneuver.

1- He is so small – if he is not in the mood to use his little potty, we have to put him on the potty.  He will attempt to get up on the potty using his little potty as the step stool…but that brings us to hurdle number 2.

2-Because of the muscle tightness in his hips and thighs, it’s a tad hard to get his legs “flung” over the toilet.  It’s a workout!  (and yes, if he would use his potty we’d not have obstacle #2 when we are home). 

He is doing a great job – I’m not complaining.  But it’s definitely harder than the two older boys….however, it’s WAAAAAYYYYY  easier than trying to get Lola to go on the potty. I have to remind myself that while the doctors and etc are not adjusting his age – I am.  He’s still a YOUNG two year getting ready to turn 3.  

So, I keep reminding him and even when he tells me “I just went”, I grab him up and put his bootie on the potty.   And I remind myself to be patient.  Patient with my preemie, peepee’n on the potty.

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Jessi said...

We are no where near potty training! Good luck!