Saturday, January 14, 2012

AHH the life…..

It was one of those weeks.  If you’re a mom of more than one, you’ll know what I mean….(And don’t get your knickers in a twist, I’m not attacking moms of “ONE'”)…

NOTE:  I have NEVER been able to get the big 3 on the same freaking doctors appointment schedule.  I think “same” schedule is one of things mom-urban legends are made of….

Here is a glimpse of the shuffle I did this week. 

Monday: PTO/Principals meeting at middle school and work.  OH and Pootie’s last night of the driving part of drivers ed!  UGGG…he can get his permit on his birthday Feb 28!!!  the instructor said that our son was very responsible and smart.  Everything this momma bear wants to hear!

Tuesday:  Worked until 1:30ish in the office.  Pootie’s annual NON sick visit….at 4.  Doctor said he was in great physical shape and appeared to be one of the best eaters, nutrition wise, of most teens he sees.  (That would be because of his soccer habit)  Lola finishes drama class at 4.  insert conflict here. Have Mom pick up Lola.  Crash gets home a little after 4, which is good because my Mom, thank god for her, is there with Lola to let them in so they can get started on homework.

Wednesday: Work soccer club job.  Crash’s NON sick 10 in the morning.  Kept him home fro school of the morning, figuring I’d drop him off there after the doctor visit….didn’t end up happening.  He was a bit rattled after having his testicles grabbed (aka his “chips” – he calls it his fish and chips)  and then hearing there was something questionable there…and he would need to go to a urology specialist. Call hubby to tell him.  It’s nothing super serious, it’s called varicocele, but if not checked could cause problems when he is older wanting to start a family.  I think that warrants a sick day from school for any male.  By office for work, then home.  Work for soccer club.  Take Crash to indoor game in the pouring rain and 5:00 traffic. 

Thursday:  Bubba has PT at 8:15, that goes until 9:15.  Run over to office to fix something for the boss.  Pick up Lola at 1:15 for a 1:30 orthodontist appointment (she had one last week, will have one in two weeks, then one a week after that to but the braces on…).  Get home.  Run to high school to pick up Pootie who stayed for tutoring for his world history exam.  (Exams started Friday, World History exam is Tuesday morning and he thinks that is the toughest exam).  Get him home.  He says his braces are bugging him, there’s a wire out of whack.  He calls orthodontist, yes he calls, not my mouth, he needs to learn to do things like that.  They can see him at 4:40.  Crash gets home at 4:10, take Pootie.  Get home.  Thursday nights I’m a single mom until midnight because Hubby goes to Robb’s house to help out.  (Robb is our dear friend with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease)

Friday:  Not one single doctors appointment!  Yeah!!  But I did have a PTO meeting (which was fun) and then pick up Pootie after his exams.  Bring him home, he packed to leave for Florida for 3v3 Nationals , drop him off with his coach at 3:15.  Go home and wait for hubby to bring his butt home to take us out for MEXICAN!

Add into all this, still working on potty training.  There is an added twist with the Bubba and his tight hips and his braces.  It’s a little harder for him to get his pants pulled down, so we are leaving him in just underpants while we’re home.  Which then means that if he has an accident it really goes on his braces, which then means they have to be cleaned.  So, do I bother to put them on him or just wait until we’re more potty trained.  (Here are his super cute buns helping put a cinnamon roll on his plate…and yes, he’s at the stove but nothing was on or hot!  AND that is HIS step stool.  He uses it all day – it’s GREAT physical therapy!!!)


The funny was the other day I was working and all of a sudden smelled a FOUL smell….I asked Bubba if he had poopied in his pants.  He assured me he had not.  But the smell…YUCK!  So I looked under my desk…Guess what I found!!  YEP!  POOP!  He had pooped in the floor!  I said BUBBA!  That is so gross!  He said “I didn’t poop in my pants MOM!” 

Ahhhh the life…..

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