Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally Friday

Thank the lord, it’s Friday.  Last week the big 3 were home for spring break.  We did a heckofalotta sleeping in late.  So Monday kicked our butt getting back into the swing of things. 

And there has been a heckofalotta stuff going on.

I have a lot of things to catch you up on – so much I don’t really even know where to begin.


 THIS IS A WORK IN PROCESS!!!  I am learning some of this as I go……AND I have to be very careful.  We have 2 big dogs so I’m limited to not planting things IN the ground because our GIRL dog, Shelby, digs everything up!!  (Stupid dog)

I’ve decided to make my back patio look pretty again….but I have a (pinterest) vision in my head.  I want to find things to “repurpose” and make it look very vintage-y.  My mom in law has been a fabulous help in hunting things down for me….like the crates….I’ve got some others that have my tomato plants in….picture in a second.


I like the step stool.  This was actually made by my step grandfather about 18 years ago.  He made it for me to use at to get up on the bed we bought.  (It was a really high four poster bed).  It broke and ended up getting stuck in the shed.  I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it…I’m glad I didn’t because it looks so cute out back now!


Here is our old old coffee table from our den.  It was in the storage shed …….and so was the rooster candle, back in our old house I had roosters everywhere (still have some).



Here are some of the “fruits” of labor.


The oregano is growing like crazy and we’ve been using it…


And the basil and chives


And my dill…it didn’t do so great the first couple of days – NOW – it’s going crazy too!


The biggest of the mater plants


And the rosemary – two pots of that……


I found a picnic table and benches in someone’s trash pile the other night and had Hubby and Pootie GET IT FOR ME.  (I want my yellow dress – sorry, movie line).  And I’ve got 4 tomato crates on the table and the benches with the strawberry pots…..


I also came across this old medal ladder and am trying to find the right place to put it with the pots going up it….for now it’s here – but we’ll see where it ends up…


I’ve really enjoyed getting it going and have been trying to come up with NO cost fun ways to “play in the dirt”.


They are now on the countdown side of summer time.  This is probably my LEAST favorite time of the year. The weather is so beautiful and I want my kids HOME with me – not sitting in classes doing pre test and test prep “the bubble era” is what I call it.  Crash, the 7th grader, came home with a form letter from his math teacher the other day.  It was a “he-didn’t-do-so-hot-on-his-PRE-end-of-grade-math-test-so-he-should-come-to-tutoring note.  Now, had it been his Language Arts class I’d have not believed him when he said “but mom, I swear I didn’t even TRY, I just bubbled in answers”.  But it’s math.  Math is his thing.  He’s always done well on the stupid EOG tests.   (4 is the highest grade and he always gets a 4.) So I emailed the teacher and thanked her so much for offering up her but did he REALLY NEEEEDDDDD to come to tutoring.  We decided that he’d go the first day – she’d chat with him and then no, he probably didn’t need to come back.  It’s what the goofy boy gets for just bubbling in circles right?  The point is, WHY does it end of being about a stupid End of the Grade Test?  Why doesn’t all the work and tests done for the entire year COUNT?  It’s like this, work your butt off all year, make top notch hard earned A’s, study….and then take the EOG and bomb it, they won’t pass you.  Nice huh?


I’m really disgusted with some political stuff going on here in Charlotte – specifically the school board.  I get all in a tizzy when I talk about it, but let’s just say that I think these people are ABSOLUTE idiots.  100% idiots.


My brother is home right now!  Home home, as in Charlotte home.  For like 30 days.  It’s cause he had back surgery – but whatever – he’s home.  And we’ve gotten to see him.  My kids are so  happy when he is home and around them.  His sweetie had shoulder surgery a couple days after his back surgery – so they are a pair. 


That’s it for now…I’ve really got more stuff churning in my head about the upcoming week – the baby’s 3rd birthday is coming….and as several of my preemie mommy friends are nodding in agreement right now – it’s always an exciting and emotional time.

Not sure if everyone will get what a big deal this is…it’s a super cute picture of Bubba sitting with his feet tucked UNDER his buns….not “w” sitting – (with his legs and feet out to the sides) and he was sitting STRAIGHT up, not slouched over!!!  TRUST me when I say this is a REALLY BIG DEAL.  He “w” sits because his core is not strong enough – so him NOT  “w” sitting is a great sign that he is getting stronger!!!  YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!



Have a great weekend – be safe.  Enjoy the sunshine!

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